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Solar Europe Industry Initiative (SEII)


What is it?

The SEII (PV) is an industry-led initiative which has developed a 10 years Research, Development and Demonstration (R&D&D) roadmap for PV in Europe. The SEII is a joint initiative between the European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA) and the European Photovoltaic Technology Platform (EU PVTP), in collaboration with the EC and the Member States.

In 2010, the PV industry presented a detailed 3-year Implementation Plan 2010-2012 identifying research priorities, estimated budgets and funding instruments. For the full text of the SEII Implementation Plan please click here.

SEII Implementation Plan 2013-2015

The current Implementation Plan covers the period of 2013-2015 and addresses the challenges reflecting the changing PV landscape. Since the PV sector is still in transition it is not yet possible to give final answers and this Implementation Plan describes “work in progress”. However, there is one important underlying ambition: Europe is resolved to continue to play an important role in the large-scale global manufacturing and deployment of PV that lies ahead of us. This relates to the role of PV in the electricity mix of Europe as well as to the European industry supplying innovative and competitive products and solutions to markets worldwide.


SEII Workshops and events

The European Photovoltaic Technology Platform, with the coordination of EPIA and the support of the Platform Secretariat, organised the following workshops (1/year):


SEII Industry Consultants Workshop
7 September 2011, PVSEC Hamburg


SEII Workshop- The R&D priorities of the European PV Industry until 2015
27 September 2012, PVSEC Frankfurt

For more information on these events and their outcomes please log in into the Members Area.


SEII Team Meetings

Previous activities and achievements


A ad-hoc group of experts of the PV Platform, part of the SEII Team, prepared an official document listing the priority research areas in 6  different clusters. This is based on the 10 project proposals submitted after the SEII consultation workshop held during the 26th EU PV-SEC. The first call is expected to be published in autumn 2012.


Current financing opportunities at EU level for R&D&D projects under the SEII

  • yearly calls under the 7th Framework Programme (15.6 m€ for PV in 2012)
  • ERANET call for solar electricity (2 m€ for coordination activities).



The objective of the ERA-NET scheme is to step up the cooperation and coordination of research activities carried out at national or regional level in the Member States and Associated States through:

  • the networking of research activities conducted at national or regional level, and
  • the mutual opening of national and regional research programmes.

The scheme will contribute to making a reality of the European Research Area by improving the coherence and coordination across Europe of such research programmes. The scheme will also enable national systems to take on tasks collectively that they would not have been able to tackle independently.

The upcoming ERANET call for solar electricity aims to raise funding from interested EU Member States directed to a number of joint calls for R&D&D projects for the next 4 to 5 years. In order to generate interest from the Member States, it is critical that the PV industry indicates the areas of interest and the priorities of the PV industry.


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